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I have started this community because I couldn't find any communities that focus on each issue and talks about what is going on in each one. If there is one let me know.

I will make entries most of the time about the girls that are in each issue, but if you have something to say about something else in the issue that would be awesome.

So lets start this off by saying I not crazy about the look alike of Paris Hilton aka Natalie Reid. I barely find Paris Hilton attractive so when you throw a look alike in to the mix I become annoyed. When she says she is going to "reinvent" herself in the future so she can get more modeling jobs I choke on my sandwich. Someone should tell her that once she has done a Playboy shoot because of the uncanny resemblance of Paris Hilton I would have say her modeling days of not using Paris Hilton are over. Now I could be wrong, she could have a fulfilling career as a model, but I would think her current gimmick would haunt her.

Arny Freytag, the photographer, I feel went for a cookie cutter photo shoot. What I mean by that is that the pictures are easy to play with the imagination during happy fun time. It is obvious he was using the look alike scheme, but there still wasn't any imagination to the shoot. It almost felt like he was told to do the shoot so he threw some basic ideas that Paris Hilton might do, took some pictures, and then called it a day.

As for Janine Habeck, Miss September, I find a breath of fresh air anytime a non-blonde shows up on the pages of Playboy. A lovely women with exquisite breasts supported by the lighting and depth of the pictures she really brings out the class of Playboy. Stephen Wayda does a excellent job with the shoot letting you play around with each picture. I love it when a photographer uses the right girl to lay down on the bed. With her natural breasts staying perky even when laying down and showing almost creating two perfect circles I quiver and feel my urges grow.

Lastly are the Girls next door: Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, and Bridget Marquardt. All three women I find pretty, but Bridget Marquardt is best one of the three. Arny Freytag does a nice job of giving each girl her own light and then bringing them back together at the end but overall nothing really pops out at me. I think the only thing Mr. Freytag did well was the cover. It's the first time I have seen that on Playboy. If that has been done before let me know.

So from my first entry you can tell some of what I look for in each pictorial. By no means do I want each to be the same all I ask for is creativity, usability, and a variety of girls.

I hope to see some entrees about what I had to say and other topics in the magazine.

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